wedding planning

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1.Who pays for the wedding?
2.Where do I start with my guest list?
3.Who do we invite if we're getting married abroad?
4.Who sends the invitations and when?
5.Should I set a dress code?
6. What time should the bride & groom get to the ceremony?
7.Do my bridesmaids enter before or after me?
8. What duties do the best man and ushers have?
9.Can my pet dog be part of my wedding?
10.Do we have to have favours?
11.Do we need a receiving line?
12.Should we offer a choice of food?
13.When are the speeches and in what order?
14.When should we register our gift list?
15.Can we ask for cash instead of presents?

16. Looking to celebrate a birthday not a wedding? See for gift ideas to impress



The wedding preparation duties of the best man include helping the groom ...

The wedding preparation duties of the best man include helping the groom to choose his wardrobe for the ceremony and if morning dress is to be hired the best man will undertake the return of the groom's outfit as well as his own while the groom is away on honeymoon. On the day of the wedding the best man is expected to accompany the bridegroom on his way to the church, having first helped him / her to dress. The best man will offer to take personal charge of any documents which may be wanted as well as the wedding ring and a sufficient sum of money to cover fees, tips and other expenses which may need to be settled on the spot-in cash.

The bridegroom and best man should reach the church at least a quarter of an hour before the time fixed for the wedding and wait in the vestry until just before the bride is due to arrive, when they go into the church and seat themselves in the front pew on the right of the gangway until she appears. They should then take their places for the ceremony, the best man at the right hand of the bridegroom and a little to the rear. If the wedding is a formally-dressed one, the best man will take care of the groom's hat and gloves putting them with his own in some safe place where they can quickly be reached again after the service. When the service is concluded, the best man should give his left arm to the chief bridesmaid as they follow the bridal couple to the vestry to sign the register.

It is usual for the best man to act as one of the witnesses to the signatures. He then hands the bridegroom his hat and gloves and follows with the chief bridesmaid down the gangway to the church porch.

There He Takes Charge Of Arrangements For The Order In Which The ...

There he takes charge of arrangements for the order in which the bridal party, the couple's parents, the bridesmaids and the most important guests will leave to drive to the re

The reception after the whole company has returned to the house, or ...

THE RECEPTION AFTER the whole company has returned to the house, or arrived at the place appointed for the reception, the bride's mother takes up her position at th

Both Should, However, Allow Sufficient Time In Their Schedules To Return To ...