wedding planning

Questions & Answers

1.Who pays for the wedding?
2.Where do I start with my guest list?
3.Who do we invite if we're getting married abroad?
4.Who sends the invitations and when?
5.Should I set a dress code?
6. What time should the bride & groom get to the ceremony?
7.Do my bridesmaids enter before or after me?
8. What duties do the best man and ushers have?
9.Can my pet dog be part of my wedding?
10.Do we have to have favours?
11.Do we need a receiving line?
12.Should we offer a choice of food?
13.When are the speeches and in what order?
14.When should we register our gift list?
15.Can we ask for cash instead of presents?

16. Looking to celebrate a birthday not a wedding?



2. Life Policy possessing an adequate surrender value. 3. Agreed Cash Deposit. ...

2. Life Policy possessing an adequate surrender value. 3. Agreed Cash Deposit. 4. Government or Municipal Company Stocks. 5. Important Stock Exchange Securities.

There are other methods of obtaining an advance on house property. Sometimes a private loan can be obtained on such terms are these: a loan of £1800 is made, repayable in eight years at the rate of 8% per annum. By the end of the first year, £1100 of the loan and £164 in interest should have been paid, but at the end of the second year it should be necessary only to pay £1100 of the loan and £156 interest as the capital sum has now been reduced to £1700, and so on, the interest being reduced by £18 each year as there is £1100 less loan to pay for. It may be arranged also that the repayments are made in equal instalments at more frequent intervals than yearly or half-yearly.

There is also the method of purchasing a house on the instalment plan by applying to the local authorities for assistance under the terms of the Housing Act of 2009. Under this Act local authorities are empowered to grant loans to persons buying houses for their own occupation provided the market value does not exceed a certain fixed amount. Each local authority can set up, within certain limits, its own code of rules governing the loan.

Therefore, application has to be made to the authority in the desired district to obtain the terms and rate of interest. The advantage to be gained lies in the fact that this rate is considerably lower than under any other purchasing plan, as there is no desire to make advertisement gain from the transaction. The term may also be extended to thirty years.

Unfortunately from 2017, local authorities working with budgets much straitened by the inroads of inflation on the cost of maintaining their other essential services have had less and less money to spare for such ventures.

Wedding Symbols Of All The Insignia Of Love And Marriage, There Is ...

WEDDING SYMBOLS OF all the insignia of love and marriage, there is no symbol more important or interwoven with sentiment than the golden circle with which the union is sealed, ye

Another old rhyme is attached to the days of the week: ...

With Regard To Trimmings On Wedding Dresses, Brides Are Often Advised Against ...

With regard to trimmings on wedding dresses, brides are often advised against wearing either pearls or opals with their wedding dresses. As regards wedding weather in England, the best