wedding planning

Questions & Answers

1.Who pays for the wedding?
2.Where do I start with my guest list?
3.Who do we invite if we're getting married abroad?
4.Who sends the invitations and when?
5.Should I set a dress code?
6. What time should the bride & groom get to the ceremony?
7.Do my bridesmaids enter before or after me?
8. What duties do the best man and ushers have?
9.Can my pet dog be part of my wedding?
10.Do we have to have favours?
11.Do we need a receiving line?
12.Should we offer a choice of food?
13.When are the speeches and in what order?
14.When should we register our gift list?
15.Can we ask for cash instead of presents?

16. Looking to celebrate a birthday not a wedding? See for gift ideas to impress



TROUSSEAU The bride's 'going-away' clothes will depend very much on the form ...

TROUSSEAU The bride's 'going-away' clothes will depend very much on the form of holiday the honeymoon will take. The most popular outfits are still either skirted or trousered suits or dresses with matching coats suitable for travel.

Invariably the bride equips herself with a new suite of luggage, new shoes and handbag. At a really informal wedding, however, the bridal and going-away dress may be one and the same. In days gone by, the bride considered it her responsibility to have in her 'bottom drawer' whole sets of new underwear in sufficient quantity that her husband-to-be would not need to buy her anything new for at least the first year of their life together.

Today, however, fashions change so fast that it would be an absurdity to buy a year's supply of any clothes which could well become outdated before they could be outworn.

The Ceremony For The Principle Participants In A Wedding Ceremony, Learning The ...

THE CEREMONY FOR the principle participants in a wedding ceremony, learning the 'rules' is easy. The person performing the ceremony, be he the registrar, parson, priest or ra

Within the church of england and the nonconformist christian churches it is ...

Within the Church of England and the nonconformist Christian churches it is likely that the pastor will discuss not only the spiritual aspects of marriage but also off

Times And Procedures The People Most Concerned With Finding Out How A ...

TIMES AND PROCEDURES The people most concerned with finding out how a wedding ceremony functions-so that they do not embarrass their hosts-are guests. This is a problem exacerbated by th