wedding planning

Questions & Answers

1.Who pays for the wedding?
2.Where do I start with my guest list?
3.Who do we invite if we're getting married abroad?
4.Who sends the invitations and when?
5.Should I set a dress code?
6. What time should the bride & groom get to the ceremony?
7.Do my bridesmaids enter before or after me?
8. What duties do the best man and ushers have?
9.Can my pet dog be part of my wedding?
10.Do we have to have favours?
11.Do we need a receiving line?
12.Should we offer a choice of food?
13.When are the speeches and in what order?
14.When should we register our gift list?
15.Can we ask for cash instead of presents?

16. Looking to celebrate a birthday not a wedding? See for gift ideas to impress

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There he takes charge of arrangements for the order in which the ...

There he takes charge of arrangements for the order in which the bridal party, the couple's parents, the bridesmaids and the most important guests will leave to drive to the reception. When he himself arrives at the reception, he fulfils the role of master of ceremonies, seeing the guests correctly seated and handing refreshments to the ladies if they are to be served from a buffet. It is he who must reply when the health of the bridesmaids is toasted.

When the bridegroom retires to change for the journey, the best man should see that the groom has all he needs, make sure that the car has arrived and that the bridal couple's luggage correctly labelled has been placed in it. If the couple are honeymooning abroad the best man checks that they have their passport or passports with them-an especially important factor in the case of the bride, who requires a new passport of her own-or the addition of her name to her husband's passport on marriage. If the wedding reception is being held at the bride's home, the best man is expected to return there after seeing the bridal couple off on the first stage of their honeymoon journey. Otherwise his duties end when he waves them 'goodbye'. Needless to say, the best man's expenses are repaid by the bridegroom when he returns from his honeymoon, unless a sufficient sum has been given to him / her beforehand to cover all outgoings.

This is obviously the more convenient plan.

The Reception After The Whole Company Has Returned To The House, Or ...

THE RECEPTION AFTER the whole company has returned to the house, or arrived at the place appointed for the reception, the bride's mother takes up her position at the entrance

Both should, however, allow sufficient time in their schedules to return to ...

Toasts And Speeches Be Brief, Appropriate And To The Point - Is ...