wedding planning

Questions & Answers

1.Who pays for the wedding?
2.Where do I start with my guest list?
3.Who do we invite if we're getting married abroad?
4.Who sends the invitations and when?
5.Should I set a dress code?
6. What time should the bride & groom get to the ceremony?
7.Do my bridesmaids enter before or after me?
8. What duties do the best man and ushers have?
9.Can my pet dog be part of my wedding?
10.Do we have to have favours?
11.Do we need a receiving line?
12.Should we offer a choice of food?
13.When are the speeches and in what order?
14.When should we register our gift list?
15.Can we ask for cash instead of presents?

16. Looking to celebrate a birthday not a wedding? See for gift ideas to impress



AFTER THE WEDDING THE planning of a honeymoon is one of the ...

AFTER THE WEDDING THE planning of a honeymoon is one of the most pleasant tasks of all the wedding arrangements. Obviously this should be decided well in advance of the ceremony. Last-minute bookings and haphazard holidays are likely to be especially unsatisfactory as honeymoons, presenting particular problems with regard to suitable dates and accommodation. As your wedding approaches, you may be asking yourselves, why have a honeymoon? After all, a honeymoon is not cheap, it takes you away from your life, friends and family, and it involves planning, just at the time when you are probably already overwhelmed by wedding.

It is no surprise that some couples decide against having a honeymoon, or at least to delay it. The choice of a honeymoon resort obviously depends on the tastes and means of the couple concerned. However all newly married couples have one desire in common, to be, as far as possible, on their own. For this reason, temptingly cheap though it may seem, the 'packaged deal' holiday, where inevitably travellers tend to be thrown into each other's company, is not really the most satisfactory, even though it may offer a unique opportunity to see far-away and romantic places that both have long longed to see.

It may be better in such cases to settle for a quiet weekend in an English resort as the immediate follow-up to the wedding - or even to return to the new home immediately after the reception and use the money that might have been spent on the honeymoon for a really good holiday as man and wife / partner the next summer. It is obviously easier today to make this type of long-term planning.

The Pill Has Provided A Reliable Means Of Contraception Which Allows Couples ...

The new home the basic problem of setting up a first home ...

THE NEW HOME The basic problem of setting up a first home revolves around the question of rent or purchase. For couples who may well be on the move -

2. Life Policy Possessing An Adequate Surrender Value. 3. Agreed Cash Deposit. ...

2. Life Policy possessing an adequate surrender value. 3. Agreed Cash Deposit. 4. Government or Municipal Company Stocks. 5. Important Stock Exchange Securities.